Avenue verte LONDON-PARIS

The Avenue Verte LONDON-PARIS is a cycling route that invites you to discover charming landscapes in France and Great Britain. "Accueil Vélo" is a national brand that ensures cyclists receive quality reception and services.

vélos sur la route de Londres

 Here is the route to follow to reach La Musardine en Vexin (approximately 2.9 km and 10 minutes by bike):

On D142 towards Chaussy, turn right towards 'Domaine de Villarceaux', continue straight until the intersection indicating 'La Bergerie' on the left. Follow this direction and continue to the intersection (after leaving La Bergerie on your left), cross it, and take the C2 just in front in the direction of Omerville.
Continue straight on 'Rue Charles de Gaulle' and turn left just after the war memorial. On Rue des Fontaines, gently descend until you reach La Musardine!! (Approximately 500m downhill).